The basic challenge of this study was to develop design solutions through research, conceptual ideation, design exploration and development using the formal elements and basic principles of design, through to a final solution. These elements will be studied and developed by the creation of a program for a museum exhibition. The final execution was based around the idea that your favorite artist/designer/historical or contemporary figure/social issue/object or topic, is having an exhibition at the SCAD Museum or SCAD gallery of choice. 


In my opinion, Banksy is a person, or icon, who stands for far more than adolescents who want to just write bullshit on the streets of a major city. He stands for the personified opinion of the public’s view of religion, politics, world order, war, poverty, starvation, government, sex, beauty, crime, advertising and law. He is constantly critiquing the way society’s leaders and followers lead their lives from a global perspective. 
I found my concept within the Bible verse: Daniel, 5:24-30. 
The biblical verse states that a human hand magically appears and begins to write on the walls of the corrupted king’s dining area. The writings present the king with the forthcomings of his empire and that he will fall due to the numerous accounts of treason and ill-will he has given his family’s name. Considering what Banksy has portrayed himself out to be in the world, combined with Daniel, 5:24-30, my concept is developed: 
Banksy is the hand. The writings on the wall are his work. The king is society.

Banksy has mastered the overwhelmingly challenging technique to create the ‘itch’ for a second look. The against-the-grain, controversial tone he emits from his work captures audiences and burns the images into depths of the memory. Banksy ‘writes’ to change the world and the way we see it. When he writes, we remember it. He warns us that if we continue to condone society’s negligence, eventually, we will all be bitten in the ass.


In the early stages of the study a mind map was created to help define Banksy and his style further. Gathering words that represent this and creating a visual display helped fine-tune the design of the study. 

I felt it necessary to create a mood board to pull together visual inspiration to aid me in my process. Below is what started as that mood board but quickly turned into another piece of work. Each element in the composition has purpose and acts as another visual representation of meaning directed towards Banksy and his style. However, since creating it I believe is has become something on its own. Read on to see the meaning of each element.

Identity: installation title


I wanted to select a title for the installation to be interpreted by a large audience. A title that would have attempted to convey the entire meaning of the king and magical hand would, in my opinion, be far too complex. So, I went with keeping it sweet, sexy and simple. 



Identity: Typography

This type study was primarily to discover which typeface to use for the ‘Banksy, he who writes’ segment of the title. I wanted to find a typeface that stood for structure and simplicity. Something that would appear standard on an wall display. I went with Helvetica Neue to simplify the design. To balance the composition, a display typeface would be used for "Walls."

Identity: Installation title final solution


Environmental: wall bio design

Environmental: FINAL PROGRAM